Chemistry 122 Course Information - Sp12

2nd Quarter Chemistry for Science Majors

Some useful data about Chemistry 122

  • Syllabus - 8:00 AM

  • TA List for All 122 Sections (including e-mail links)

  • TA Schedule for Room 0023 McPherson - by date/time

  • First Day E-mail - Welcome to Chem 122

  • Studying Methods - 122

  • General Rules and Suggestions for Lab and Recitation

  • Notes

  • Homework - 11th Edition


  • Practice Exams - NOT YET AVAILABLE


  • Laboratory

  • Helpful Tidbits for 122

  • Tutorials

  • Molecular Workbench

  • Corrections to Brown, LeMay, and Bursten (9th Ed.): 121-125

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