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Curriculum Vitae
T. V. (Babu) Rajanbabu Biosketch

T. V. (Babu) RajanBabu received his undergraduate education in India (Kerala University and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras). He obtained a Ph. D. degree from The Ohio State University under the direction of Professor Harold Shechter, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University with the late Professor R. B. Woodward. He then joined the Research Staff of Dupont Central Research and Development, becoming a Research Fellow in 1993. He returned to OSU as a Professor of Chemistry in 1995.



CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala University. B.Sc. (special), Chemistry.
Indian Inst. Tech., Madras. M.Sc., Chemistry.
The Ohio State University, Ph.D., Organic Chemistry.
Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow, Organic Chemistry.


1995 -

Professor of Chemistry, The Ohio State University.
Member of Research Staff and Research Fellow, DuPont Central Research

Research Interests

>> Enantioselective catalysis of C-C, C-H, and C-O bond formations
>> Novel multi-component cyclization methods that lead to vinyl Si, Sn and B derivatives
>> Novel free radical reactions
>> Natural Products Synthesis
>> Organic chemistry in water
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