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From left: Kendra Dewese, Matthew Brew, Krishnaja Duvvuri, Brian Cunningham, Emily Vojt, Yam Timsina, T.V. (Babu) RajanBabu, Stanley Jing, Souvagya Biswas, Balaram Raya
Recent Highlights

Development of enabling catalytic chemistry to utilize abundantly available feedstocks for fine chemical synthesis will have economic as well as environmental benefits. We have discovered highly efficient and enantioselective hydrovinylation (addition of ethylene) reactions that are useful for synthesis of valuable chemical intermediates. Currently we are seeking a general solution to the long-standing problem of exocyclic stereochemical control needed for expeditious synthesis of molecules like pseudopterosins, elisabethin, and steroid D-ring analogs.

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Research Highlights

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