Spectroscopy and Dynamics on Multiple Surfaces

Telluride, CO

July 20-25, 2003




This workshop will focus on studies of molecules or clusters, where a quantal treatment of the coupling between two or more potential energy surfaces is essential to understanding the science. This will include problems in spectroscopy, photodissociation, inelastic scattering and reactive scattering. Both experimentalists and theoreticians are welcome.


Schedule and important dates:


Registration forms are now available online at http://www.telluridescience.org/.  The deadline for registration is MARCH 28, 2003.  After that day the availability of housing cannot be guaranteed.


The workshop will begin Sunday evening, July 20, with a brief organizational meeting.  Sessions will run from Monday morning through Friday.   We plan to organize the meeting to leave half days free for hiking.  On Saturday, we are hoping to organize an all-day hike for anyone who is interested.





Currently (as of 4/15/03), the registered participants are:


Stuart Althorpe (University of Exeter)
Gabriel Balint-Kurti (University of Bristol)
Girts Barinovs (Leiden Institue of Chemistry)
J. Alberto Beswick (University of Toulouse)
Alex Brown (Emory University)
Laurie Butler (The University of Chicago)
Piergiorgio Casavecchia (Universita di Perugia)
Gregorz Chalasinski (University of Warsaw)
Michael Deskevich (University of Colorado)
Pedro Miguel Echenique Landiribar (University of the Basque Country)
Nadine Halberstadt (University of Toulouse)
Michael Heaven (Emory University)
Jeremy Hutson (University of Durham, UK)
Kenneth Janda (University of California, Irvine)
Marc Joyeux (Laboratoire de Spectrometrie Physique)
Bill Klemperer (Harvard University)
Roman Krems (Harvard University)
Anna Krylov (University of Souther California)
Mahmudjon Kuchkarov (Ferghana Polytecnic Institute)
Sergey  Levchenko (University of Southern California)
Richard Loomis (Washington University)
Anne McCoy (The Ohio State University)
Henning Meyer (University of Georgia)
Terry Miller (The Ohio State University)
David Nesbitt (JILA/NIST)
Mitchio Okumura (California Institute of Technology)
Scott Reid (Marquette University)
Trevor Sears (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Tom Stephenson (Swarthmore College)
Maria Szczesniak (Oakland University)
Ad  van der Avoird (University of Nijmegen)
Marc van Hemert (Leiden Institue of Chemistry)
Qian Wang (University of Maryland)
Richard Wheatley (University of Nottingham)
Curt Wittig (University of Southern California)
Jingsong Zhang (University of California, Riverside)



Related meetings:


We have scheduled the workshop to be the week following the Dynamics in Molecular Collisions meeting  that will be in Lake Tahoe from July 13-18, 2003.




Telluride is a small, historic town set at 8,725 feet in the mountains of south-western Colorado, with wonderful hiking within yards of town and a variety of other outdoor opportunities.  In winter, it is an exclusive ski resort, and in summer it hosts a succession of festivals and the Telluride Summer Research Center.  For some information about the town, see http://www.telluride.com/index.cfm


We plan to organize the meeting to leave half days  free for hiking.


Telluride is 350 miles southwest of Denver, six to seven hours by car. United Express has daily flights from Denver into Telluride, and America West flies to Telluride from Phoenix.


Accommodations and Registration:


Most people will be accommodated in spacious apartments/condos, which can be shared between participants or used by a family. They are all within easy walking distance of the historic town center, which offers plenty of restaurants and other entertainment. Details on options can be found at the telluridescience website.  Please note that the registration deadline is March 28, 2003.\


General information on the Telluride Summer Research Center is available at http://www.telluridescience.org/