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Don, Tanya & James welcome you to the Milnoid Homepage. Click for enlarged photo.

Don Milnor

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I like music, computers, and bicycling, and love my lovely wife Tanya, and my cool son James, but my purpose in life is to serve Jesus Christ, who died for me way before I ever did anything for Him. All glory, praise, and honor be to Jesus Christ. Amen!

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James Christophe Milnor

James Christophe Milnor,

born January 17, 1999.
(James page updated February 2005)

If you hear a "Hello", that's me, 5-part a cappella. If you are on a text-only system, you can click here to download it; then you can hear it.

Internet Service Provider Information Don't like your dial-up Internet Service Provider? Try the one we used (until we got DSL February 2005), $99/year (averages $8.25/month).

Funky background music Click here for some funky background music I found somewhere out there in Cyberspace.

picture from bicycle trip Click here for a picture from one of my many long-distance bicycling trips.

Church-related items:

Northland Church of Christ Northland Church of Christ

I invite any and all of you to check it out. We seek to follow only God's Word as our guide to what He wants us to do with our lives. Check out the Northland Web page for location, phone number, times, and more information.

Northland E-mail List Northland E-mail List
This list was taken down at one timebecause programs could spider the web and collect e-mail addresses, which could then be spammed. So now it requires a security code to get in.

Reports from missionaries (way out of date):

Reports from Masa Nonogaki Masa Nonogaki-Japan

Reports from Yves Perriard Yves Perriard-Russia

Miscellaneous personal stuff:

Sorry I won't provide an automated e-mail link to click on and send e-mail, but automated programs would grab those addresses and send us junk we don't want. You can't even copy and paste the text of the e-mail addresses, because it's not text; it's a graphic. Else the spammers would get me.


my work website I work as a computer programmer for HFI, Inc. (started 2/22/2006).
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Inspiration and Humor Archive
View the Milnoid Inspiration and Humor Archive.
View my resume and references
View my resume and references.
My sister Marjorie Preston's website Visit the website of my sister Marjorie Preston.
USAID Guinea website Visit the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) office in Guinea, Africa, a large proportion of the content of which was written by my sister Laura Lartigue, who used to live in Guinea.
My former car, the 1988 Chevy Spectrum that hit 243,000 miles. My former 1988 Chevy Spectrum that hit 243,000 miles
View the Milnoid Photo Album View the Milnoid Photo Album, containing several family photos.
Download the Milnoid Photo Album Download the Milnoid Photo Album (a .BMP file inside of a self-extracting zip (.EXE) file).
Download my Math Mania game Download my Math Mania game.

How to contact me other than e-mail (if you really have to)

"Snail Mail" address, phone number:
3526 Westerville Woods Dr.
Columbus OH 43231-7353
e-mail address is a graphic to keep out spam!
home phone: 614.890.1769
AOL IM: Milnoid
Yahoo Messenger: dmilnor
MSN Messenger: (my e-mail address, above)